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Of course, one of the advantages of being ahead of the curve is reaping the rewards when everyone finally catches up ... Now, with Bowker's assistance, Blowfly is poised for a comeback."
- Bob Weinberg, (Link to article)

"Regarding the taller tales, involving everyone from James Brown to Old Blue Eyes, Reid will warn you straight up to check your facts before you print anything. "
- Scott Harrell, (Link to article)

"And while a lot of rappers have taken credit for infusing hip hop with colorful adjectives, one name is consistently mentioned as the spark that ignited the profane flame: Blowfly. The original dirty rapper. The king of X-rated rap raunch. ... Long before there was 2 Live Crew, N.W.A., or Lil' Kim, there was Blowfly."
- Gabriel M. Rich, (Link to article)

"Rap musicians claim historical precedent in scat, the "dozens," and even more ancient traditions, such as calypso. But the original "nasty party rap" albums were marketed as adult comedy records and made by the alter-egos of two men. ... The weird and sinister Blowfly, alter-ego of accomplished soul-funk singer Clarence Reid, creates raunchy songs that spoof culture, socio-political topics, and musical styles."
- (Link to article)

"Clarence Reid is a talented singer and songwriter as well as an accomplished musician."
- (Link to article)

"Blowfly specializes in dirty parodies of current soul and pop hits; his over two dozen albums, almost all of them recorded live in the studio with the ambience of a liquor-fueled all-night party, are an entertaining mixture of filth and wit that's neither too disgusting to be funny nor too refined to be dirty."
- Bill Hicks, (Link to reviews)

"The Weird World of Blowfly was an underground sensation. Along with Rudy Ray Moore and Red Foxx, Blowfly became synonymous with the term party record."
-, (Link to article)

"Reid released Blowfly records under a variety of label names through the '70s, '80s, and '90s, collaborating with like-minded folks like 2 Live Crew and even Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Blowfly is enough of a cultural icon that he even recorded his own holiday single in the mid-'70s. Of course, the songs were called "Jingle Fuckin' Bells" and "Queer for the New Year," but this is Blowfly we're talking about here, not Bing Crosby."
- Stewart Mason, All Music Guide (Link to article)

"On his upcoming Fahrenheit 69, Blowfly offers a glimpse into what it would be like to be a black president ("Blowfly for President: '04"), throwing a rump-shaking array of funk, rock and soul into the mix."
-, (Link to article)



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